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Realising Potential

Technology continues to reshape our lives, our society and our businesses.

While technology is embedded into our personal lives, businesses face a tougher road to transformation.

Trapped in legacy technologies and practices,  US businesses are operating at a mere 18% of their digital potential. The UK trail by 1%, and EU achieves just 12%. [McKinsey, 2016]

Why are companies are slower than individuals to adopt technology? There are a number of key issues:

– The availability of relevant, quality software
– The skills of staff and organisations’ ability to change
– The availability of resources to fund and perform R&D

As a result, change can be difficult, and can be met with resistance from a range of sources.

In order to remain competitive or gain a competitive advantage, companies must invest in technology.

At Appsolutely, we’ve managed to automate much of the development process using a  combination of LCNC (low-code/no-code) technologies, RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) . As a consequence, our delivery times are, on average, 8-11x faster than traditional developers.

We can not only build your application faster and more cost effectively, but also train your staff to use our methods to enable ownership and control of future iterations.

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